Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Special Ed Battles!!

Can I just say that I am soooooo sick and tired of fighting with the schools to get my kids the services they need?! Everytime need kids need anything (even things completely guarenteed in their IEP's) I have to fight tooth and nail to get them.

The latest is that it was agreed by the entire team at the end of 1st term that Zachary should be moved into Resource 3 hours a day. Now 2nd term has completed and it still has not happened. AAAAAHHH. I am having to call ANOTHER IEP meeting for this kid (4th one in 2 years) so it can be added and give me the leverage I need so he can finally get what they already agreed to give him.

I can't get the school to give Clarissa the joy stick practice she needs on the computer (so she can get ready for a power wheelchair) or the correct sippy cup (even though I have supplied them with three), or a proper chair, nor can I get the daily notes home I have requested. I complain, throw fits, get the district involved, but still I have to fight more.

Sorry, I am just way grumpy tonight about the whole thing. Add to that, Zachary got beat up in school today. If I didn't have such a terrible time with homework, I would be homeschooling by now. I just don't have the patience or endurance to pull it off.

On a happy note, my book is coming along! I have someone coming tonight to edit what I have so far. I am scared that she will say, "Give up now lady. You suck." But even if she does, I think I will finish it anyway. I really think it will be a good gift for my children one day. Being a best seller would not hurt my feelings either :).

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lupus victims banned from adopting

In a strange and sad turn of events, a bunch of countries (not the US) have banned international adoption by those diagnosed with Lupus. Good thing my kids cannot be recalled! Lupus has been added to a long list of other requirements adoptive parents have to meet. Breaks my heart when there are so many children without homes. It is hard for me to believe that children are better off in orphanages then with mothers like me (lupus and all).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome Friends!

I joined Facebook finally, I am always the last to do anything cool. So I invited a bunch of old friends to my blog. Welcome! A quick catch-up on my life:

I am married to my perfect soul-mate. We have been married for 11 exciting years. He is the most patient, kind, easy-going and loving person I have ever met. He is also the best father I have ever seen! Kevin is the Director of Finance for a software company based out of Isreal and works from the home. Which I love!

I am mom to 7 wonderful children. 6 came to us via adoption (from Haiti, Cambodia and Ethiopia), 1 through birth. All came home to us with special needs, many of which have been overcome, some of which never will. But all my children are the best kids on earth! I have great children who are obediant, talented, sweet, kind and generous. My cup runneth over. My kids ages are 8, 8, 6, 5, 4, 4, 2. I am very fortunate to have been a stay at home mom the last 8 years.

After 11 years of living in WA, we have moved back to my home state. This is something I swore I would never do, but now that I have, I am loving it!

I look forward to catching up with everyone.


Christmas Day Madness

We spent Christmas blissfully at home. I love simple Christmas' at home as a family. It was a day spent in PJ's eating candy and romping with new toys. It was a perfect Christmas. Everyone was happy and everything went smoothly. We needed a year like this after last year of spending Christmas at Primary Children's Hospital!

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents home. The highlight was the Christmas pagent put on by the kids. Spectacular performance! We really try to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. What an amazing gift Heavenly Father gave us by sending us beloved Son!

Got to love Daddy!

When you have 7 kiddos, Daddy's lap is no longer sufficient. We have moved on to Daddy's body. I am so grateful I married Kevin. He is an awsome, incredible husband and father. I am very, very blessed.

Cute Pictures!

Look at what a cute boy I came home with! Teddy is doing awsome. It is like he has always been here. We are having typical two year old, push your button moments, but we are always having many, many sweet wonderful two year old moments that make it all worth it.

My little athlete

Here is a cute picture of Maya in her rollerblades. If you want to find Maya on any given day she is out front in her rollerblades, playing basketball, on her ripstick or on her skateboard. She is my natural athlete.

Naomi's Field Trip

Same place, different kiddo! This was definitely a hit for everyone.

Field Trip Fun!

I went on the Kindergarteners and the Preschoolers field trips in October. Funny thing is that they all went to the same pumpkin patch. But it was such a fun place I didn't mind going over and over. These are pictures from Allison and Emmanuel's Field Trip.

Halloween Catch-Up!

Can you tell I just downloaded my pictures from the last few months :)? Here are some cute photos from Halloween. We had a busy Halloween with lots of fun things to do. We carved pumpkins (ok I cheated this year and we used the Mr. Potatoe head type stick ins), we went to the school carnival, we went to a Halloween party at a friends and then Trick or Treating. Candy galore!

I love the fall. The best weather, beautiful leaves, great food and the chocolate I steal from the kids.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

I am waaaaaay behind. Sorry! Catch up time.

Here are pictures from Clarissa's 4th birthday. We had a family party with cousins, siblings and grandparents. Everyone had a great time. I think they loved dancing the best. I cannot believe that she is now 4. How time flies.