Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pictures are gone :(

I just found out that Teddy's native country does not allow us adoptive parents to show pictures of the kids on the internet until they are legally ours. So Teddy's pictures have to come down :(.


We're Officially Waiting!

We officially got the referral for Teddy today! For those who are not in the adoption world, it basically just means that he has been assigned to our family and we can start the adoption process for him. We also got his medical information, how he came to be an orphan, his measurements etc. Despite looking HUGE on the videos and pictures, our guy is little. He is <5% for weight. I guess he will fit right in with most of my kiddos. We'll just have to try and fatten him up when he gets home.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Another One?? How Teddy joined our hearts.

But I thought you were done? So did I!

For some time, whenever I had a quiet moment, I felt the whisperings of the spirit telling me I had another son. I actively ignored it as best as I could. Afterall, I was done. I had 6 amazing children, why rock the boat? After awhile I started feeling guilty. (Especially since all the children in our family started saying that Jesus was telling them we needed a little brother). I knew that I was purposefully trying to disobey God. So, in my silly mind I decided that I would make some small, token, ineffective effort to find this boy, and then I could say to the Lord, "Well I tried." Then I could happily move on with my life. I am here to tell you, never tempt the Lord!

I have always been drawn to Adoption Advocates program. And then one of my online friends, Erin, was hired on by them. I decided that IF I was to adopt again, that would be a great program. So I emailed Erin asking her to send me all of her boys ages 3 and under. I figured I would look them all over, not be drawn to any of them, and then I would happily go on as mother to 6. Erin emailed me back that she felt strongly that one particular little boy was supposed to be in our family and sent me his pictures. Darn it! Now I actually have to pray about this! I was afraid I knew the answer. I opened the link and there was adorable Teddy. But no lightening bolts.

That evening, Kevin and I were out for our weekly date. I brought the picture of Teddy to talk to him about it. Kevin insisted he could "not deal with this right now." Clarissa was going into a risky surgery in just a few days and it was all that he could handle. I thought, "Great! Let's not deal with this! Stalling works for me." At the completion of our dinner, the waiter brought us our fortune cookies. I, kidding, said "Ok, my fortune cookie will tell us whether or not to adopt Teddy." I opened the cookie and read, "You will have a surprise someone join your life." We burst out laughing. I am here to tell you, never tempt the Lord!

Over the next couple of days, I prayed often about Teddy. Each time I got the same soft peaceful feeling of yes. I did not have a vision (like Naomi and Emmanuel), a huge spiritual experience (like Clarissa), or an overpowering feeling of love and ownership (like Maya and Zachary). It was a quiet soft feeling. I went to Kevin to tell him that I had been praying about Teddy and what I had felt. He again responded, "I cannot deal with this right now." Which again, I was totally ok with.

Clarissa's surgery was difficult and did not go well. She ended up in the hospital for several days with pnumonia. I told the Lord, "I cannot deal with this right now" and put all thoughts of Teddy out of my mind.

After Clarissa recovered, we needed to make a decision about the next surgery. We were scared as to what we should do. Kevin and I decided to go to the temple about it. When we met up in the Celetial room Kevin declared that Teddy was our son. He went on to talk about what an amazing missionary he was going to be and that he would be the tool to bringing thousands to the gospel. Kevin practically glowed talking about him.

I truthfully, was still not too excited. Then Adoption Advocates sent us the videos of our son. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!! I fell in love hard and fast. He is sooooooo much our son. What an amazing little boy. We started the process.

We are now very excited about adopting Teddy. We know that like all of our other children that it will be hard but that we will never regret it. I would not have designed my family the way it is had I been in control (thank goodness I am not in control) but I can't imagine my life without each one of my little angels! I am the luckiest mom on the earth!

Many teased me that if I bought a bigger van, God would fill it. I am here to tell you, never tempt the Lord!

Another Addition!

Yes it is true, despite my rantings that we were DONE adding children, the Lord has touched our hearts and we are bringing home another child. He simply does not care what my laundry room looks like ;). We would love to introduce to you Teddy from Africa.