Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What can you buy for $1200 these days?

What can you buy for $1200 these days? Well I found out today!

4 root canals
5 caps
4 pulled teeth
tons and tons of sutures

Poor Teddy! We did his oral surgery today and this is what he had done. Our portion of the bill was $1200. The poor kid lost his 4 front top teeth and had tons of work done on the other teeth. The orphanage props bottles to get babies to sleep and it destroyed his teeth. He is only 2 so it will be YEARS until they grow back in.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pictures Added and Adjustments Going Great

The pictures have been added from our trip to Ethiopia. Sorry they are a bit confusing. The blog will only let me put 5 pictures per post and I cannot figure out how to change the order of my posts, so you have to jump around to see them all. I posted as much as I could to the original post then added new posts to fit the rest I wanted to show. If anyone knows how to change the order of posts, let me know and I will clean up the mess!

Teddy and the family are doing awsome!! I definitely get lots of kisses from him now. The children are still totally absorbed by him but he is now getting more space. Kevin and I are in love. It is so fun to have a two year old running around again. We have been blessed by another amazing child. I do not know how I get all the best ones, but I do!


More Teddy at the Ritmo Pictures

Here are pictures I could not fit in the post below. They feature Teddy and the Ritmo Guest House.

The tub is full of water because we ran out of water and we were storing it there. Teddy loved flipping the light switch!

Market in Lalibela

These pictures are of the incredible market in Lalibela.


More Hiking in Lalibela

The city you see in the far distance is where we started from. It looks fairly flat but believe me, it is very, very steep. The other pictures are of our guide's home.


Pictures from our hike in Lalibela

These are pictures from our hike in Lalibela. They do not do it justice!


More Pictures of Lalibela

Here are more pictures of Lalibela that I could not fit on the post.



Monday, December 1, 2008

More Bahar Dar Photos

All the photos of Bahar Dar I wanted to post would not fit below, so I am adding some up here. Enjoy!