Monday, June 1, 2009


The next day was Easter!! The kids all got presents from the bunny (phew! We were all good). And we went to church in our Easter duds. Aren't they soooo cute?!
Getting loaded to go to church, lupus reared its ugly head again and I subluxated my hip (threw it out) and tumbled out of the van. I was in so much pain, I had to be carried out of church after sacrament meeting and spent the rest of the day high on pain killers. This was really bad timing since I was hosting the family Easter party at my house! I am afraid I was not the best hostess.

I think everyone had a good time despite all of it. We had an egg hunt for the kids and one for the adults as well. The kids eggs had candy as usual but the adults had cards and we played for prizes. I was so out of it, I won nothing though. Oh well!
It was a big and fun weekend overall. Plenty of food, friends and family. What more could one ask for? Ok, maybe joints that stayed where they are supposed to.

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